Who are we?

We are the nationwide expert in the field of furniture cleaning.

Cleanlab cleans all types of textile and leather surfaces. By making a clear choice for this expertise, we can offer you the best quality. In addition, we strive to provide professional furniture cleaning services of high quality at an affordable price. Thanks to our cleaning techniques, equipment and expertise, the cleaning can be done quickly at home or at your facility.

By using Cleanlab's services, you are choosing professional, specialised and high-quality furniture cleaning. We only work with our own highly trained staff. This way we can continue to provide you with the best quality!

You can always contact us if you have any questions. 

Quality & Service

As you may know, self-cleaning of carpets, rugs or chairs is often unsuccessful or disappointing. Self-cleaning can often result in rings or stains appearing on the cleaned surface. These are common problems that we can help you with. Our approach is entirely focused on providing high-quality deep cleaning and, of course, the best possible service. We do not discriminate by nature or size of the cleaning job, but always go for the best result.

Why should I choose Cleanlab?

    • Team of experts
    • Expertise in textile furniture
    • We work with the most modern equipment
    • Best and fastest service possible
    • Targeting
    • Quotation sent within 30min
    • You will get help within 24h-48h
    • Care products specially developed for textiles, also biodegradable for the environment
    • Available 7/7
    • Cleanlab offers the best quality and the best service at the best & cheapest price!