Have your couch cleaned by Cleanlab


Would you like your couch to be cleaned by a professional? You can leave this job to Cleanlab. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we easily remove stubborn stains, odours and other contaminations from your sofa fabric. If you choose us, you have the advantage that you do not have to leave the house with your sofa. We come to you, wherever you are in the Benelux.


Do you have an old or dirty sofa in your home that you want Cleanlab to clean? Then make an appointment today by filling in the contact form.

We will respond to your request within 30min and can immediately schedule an appointment.

Have your fabric seat professionally cleaned


Who doesn't: Your pet or the kids have had an accident or accidentally spilt a glass, wine or you have just bought a new seat 2nd hand and want to have it cleaned to get rid of the dust and smell and, of course, to excel in colour. Don't worry, the solution is near, give your furniture a second life! You can clean fabric sofas using a spray extraction machine. Our employees have been working with this device for a long time.


This is the most common cleaning method for fabric sofas and also the most effective. In this way, we eliminate the risk of shrinkage of the fabric. The seat fabric is cleaned inside and out using warm water in combination with cleaning agents. Experts recommend cleaning your sofa once every six months, not only to make it free of dirt, but also to extend its life.

These cleaners are specially developed for upholstery. See great results on our site!


Seat cleaning on location


We clean more than just seats! Think of chairs, rugs, carpets, car upholstery, caravan furniture, boat furniture, chairs, mattresses and furniture impregnation.
For professional furniture cleaning you need to be with us. You can find more information about Cleanlab on our website. 




Having the sofa cleaned is the first step in the process. Step 2 is the impregnation of the freshly cleaned sofa. Impregnation is a stain-resistant treatment and very effective. This treatment ensures that dirt and moisture do not migrate directly into the fabric of the sofa.

Instead, the dirt will remain on the fabric or between the fibres. As a result, the dirt does not settle in the fabric. In this way, you can effectively remove the stain yourself by dabbing it up with an absorbent cloth.