Have your carpet cleaned by Cleanlab


Do you want your carpet or rug to be cleaned by experienced, passionate specialists? Cleanlab has the necessary experience and expertise to get rid of stubborn stains, bad smells and other dirt from your soiled carpet or rug. By using the best equipment, high quality cleaning products and our expertise, we get your carpet or rug clean and fresh again! We try to make it as pleasant and easy as possible for our customers, which is why we always clean at your home or on location, so you can just stay at home and have a nice, clean rug or carpet the next day. Cleanlab has national coverage, so we can serve anyone, anywhere in the Benelux.


Would you like to have your carpet cleaned? You can make an appointment by asking for a quotation without any obligations. You will receive a tailor-made quote from us within 30min!


Carpet cleaning


Anyone who has a carpet in the living room or in another room almost always has a rule: do not walk with shoes on the carpet. Everyday events can lead to stains on the carpet or rug. This is annoying, but fortunately we have the solution. Using the spray extraction method or the steam extraction method, we often achieve very pleasant results.


Both methods are very effective, however (in contrast to upholstery) there are a great many compositions of fabrics to be found in carpets and rugs. As a result, we cannot clean every rug or carpet using the same method. We look closely at the materials used in the carpet and adjust our cleaning method accordingly. Both methods work according to the same principles.


Water or steam in combination with a cleaning agent is injected into the fabric, which is then sucked out again with a special nozzle with all the replenishment that was present in your carpet. Next, the water or steam and the dirt are collected in a reservoir. This way, all dirt particles are removed from the fabric and you have a fresh and clean rug or carpet again!