Cleaning of car upholstery


Eating and drinking while driving - everyone (or the kids) is guilty of this from time to time. Unfortunately, the textile upholstery of the car seats often suffers from it. Cleanlab offers the solution! We give the textile car upholstery a thorough and intensive deep cleaning and ensure that your car upholstery looks like new again!

It is also a great option if you have just bought a used car and want to remove all traces and odours left by the previous owners.


How we operate


Cleanlab simply comes to you at home or on location. Because we come to people's homes or to their locations, we can be as good and flexible as possible in our service. The results we can offer for cleaning your car upholstery can be amazing.


Impregnation (waterproof)

Having the upholstery cleaned is the first step in the process. Step 2 is impregnating the freshly cleaned upholstery. Impregnation is a stain-repellent treatment and very effective. This treatment ensures that dirt and moisture do not penetrate directly into the fabric of the seat.

Instead, the dirt will remain on the fabric or between the fibres. As a result, the dirt does not settle in the fabric. In this way, you can effectively remove the stain yourself by dabbing it up with an absorbent cloth.