How do we operate?

From our head office in Mechelen(Belgium), we send our experts throughout the Benelux. Your furniture is cleaned on location.

Because we come to clean your furniture on site, the furniture does not have to be moved. With our nationwide coverage, we ensure clean furniture throughout Benelux. 

Our experts have the most modern equipment, knowledge and resources in the field of furniture cleaning. Because we work with spray extraction equipment and hot water, we eliminate the risk of fabric shrinkage and the upholstery is thoroughly cleaned, inside and out. The polyether (the filling) is also cleaned for a large part, so that the chance of the stain returning is minimal.

Our cleaning methods are completely safe, suitable and extremely effective for all types of textile upholstery. The cleaning methods we use are not harmful to humans and animals. Dust, dander and bacteria are effectively removed with our cleaning method.

Our cleaning method also kills common allergies/bacteria, such as: 

  • Pest
  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • House dust mite 

For effective treatment, our pre-treatment ensures that even the deepest dirt is absorbed.



hanks to our patented liquids and powerful machines, even the deepest (micro) stains and thus unpleasant odours are removed from fabrics.

Main Treatment

We impregnate the fabric to prevent the reappearance of stains so that dirt and moisture are repelled.